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Custom Aluminum Extrusion Services

Northern States Metals (NSM), a leading provider of aluminum extrusions, components and finished private-label products, is a one-stop, full service organization. We can provide virtually any size and shape of aluminum extrusions through our vast global network, as well as fully customizable design engineering, fabrication, finishing, assembly and packaging services through our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Northern States Metals’ commitment to ingenuity, superior quality and customer service assures the most innovative solutions for our clients’ most difficult aluminum design and aluminum extrusion problems. Customers choose Northern States Metals for single-point-of-contact accountability and the highest level of quality with the most cost-effective pricing. Northern States Metals has been the best choice for all your aluminum extrusion service needs for nearly 50 years and will continue to be the best choice in the future.

Why Choose NSM?

Northern States Metals is a leading provider of aluminum extruded, machined and finished components and aluminum extrusion services.
A one-stop, full service organization, Northern States Metals has a vast global network of aluminum extrusion suppliers to deliver optimal cost structures.
Our long standing commitment to ingenuity, quality and service assures clients the most innovative solutions for their most difficult aluminum designs and aluminum extrusions.
Our single-point-of-contact accountability deliver the highest level of quality at the most cost-effective pricing for all your extruded aluminum component needs.
Northern States Metals takes the headaches out of production and logistics so companies can focus on their core competencies of growing and expanding their businesses.
We utilize robotics and automation to dramatically reduce processing time and ensure consistency, precision and superior quality in our completed extruded aluminum products.
Our fully customizable in-house service offerings include: managing design engineering, custom extrusions, fabrication, finishing, assembly, packaging and shipping.
Serving over 30 industries for nearly 50 years, we know a thing or two…

The Bottom Line

Customers choose Northern States Metals because we simplify business with single-point-of-contact-accountability and deliver the highest quality aluminum extrusions at the most cost-competitive pricing.

Quality Control

Northern States Metals’ facilities have been audited and certified to international standards for quality management systems. The company and its employees carry that long-standing tradition of quality across the organization managing every project to well established and mutually agreed upon quality control standards, ensuring a cost-effective and dependable supply program.

MIL STD-45208
PPAP and FMEA Documentation