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NSM Projects & Qualifications

ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001 CERTIFIED. Northern States Metals Total Quality Management (TQM) program begins with these words from our Quality Policy Statement: "It is the policy of Northern States Metals to pursue, achieve, and maintain competitive superiority by providing products and services of the highest quality. We expect sustained excellence in not only product design and workmanship, but also in the daily performance of every employee at every level within the company.

Northern States Metals provided all the lighting housing used on the inside of the tunnel for Boston's Big Dig

Boston's Big Dig was, at the time, the most complex and expensive highway project in the U.S. history. The city is replaced an outdated highway infrastructure with a new state-of-the-art highway system, most of which was underwater or underground.

The project added a second tunnel under Boston Harbor to Logan International Airport and replaced a six lane elevated highway between the city and its waterfront with an eight to ten lane underground expressway. The elevated highway was designed to handle 75,000 cars a day when it opened in the 1950's. It is now jammed daily with 190,000. The new road was designed to carry 245,000 cars and to cut two hours off rush hours.