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Northern States Metals (NSM), a leader in the aluminum extrusion industry for nearly 50 years, is a one-stop full service provider of custom aluminum extruded parts and products. Whether you have a doodle on a napkin or a prototype, our highly trained design engineers use the latest in CAD CAM technology and their years of expertise in the industry to take your ideas from concept to final design in the most cost effective manner. We design, fabricate, finish, assemble, and package your extruded aluminum products for final delivery. We see your project through from design to shipping so you don’t have to deal with multiple suppliers. We are the leading experts in the industry providing the highest quality products and services, which is why our customers keep coming back to us.

Your Full Service Custom Aluminum Extrusion Provider

From simple machining to the most sophisticated CNC program systems for complex fabrication of precision specifications, we can handle all your requirements. Every operation begins and ends with quality. Our standard fabrication & assembly capabilities are suitable for any job process with our team of experienced professionals and in-house manufacturing expertise.

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Providing More Than Just

Aluminum Extrusions

Northern States Metals is an added value custom aluminum extrusion company. What does that mean? In essence, the more times we touch a part and are involved in creating a final piece, the more our customers will save. How is this possible? While many other companies only fabricate, or extrude or anodize, Northern States Metals manages our customer’s custom aluminum extrusion components entire production process from design to delivery. In turn, our in-house management of the aluminum extrusion, finishing, fabrication and assembly process reduces aluminum extrusion component costs. Additionally, it also reduces the amount of parts management our customers need to oversee. No longer do they need to coordinate a long list of vendors to design, extrude, fabricate, finish, assemble, package and deliver their aluminum extrusions. Northern States Metals does it all.

With Northern States Metals you work with just one point of contact. As your one stop shop, custom aluminum extrusion company, we manage the entire production process from design engineering, to aluminum extruding, the fabrication, finishing, and assembly. But that’s not all. We even handle the logistics of packing and shipping your components or finished pieces to either your company or the delivery point where the final product is needed. Northern States Metals is more than just an aluminum extrusion company, we’re a solution to your whole custom aluminum extrusion component and final product production.

Just A Few Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions

High strength-to-weight ratio
Stronger alloys
Extraordinary corrosion resistance
Simply formed
Cost-efficient material
Turnkey total product
Easily joined

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Aluminum Extruding

And More

Northern States Metals understands our customer’s aluminum extruding needs as well as the value-add services they require to facilitate the manufacturing process. We have been providing custom aluminum extrusions and offering our value-add services to manage our customers entire manufacturing process from design to delivery for more than 50 years. Learn more about our complete custom aluminum extrusion services.

Our customers have been utilizing our Aluminum Extrusion Management services across a wide range of industries. Just take a look at a few of these examples of how our customers have taken advantage of our Aluminum Extrusion Program Management:

• Aluminum Extrusions for Commuter Trains
• Aluminum Kiosk Manufacturing
• Window Aluminum Extrusions
• Glass Door Aluminum Extrusions
• Extruded Aluminum Roof Panels
• ATM Machines Assembled from Aluminum Extrusions
• Aluminum Extruding, Fabrication, Finishing, and Assembly of Electric Car Charging Stations
• Aluminum Heat Sinks
• Convenience Store Aluminum Extrusion Doors for Coolers

Aluminum extruding is just one step to the extruded aluminum component manufacturing process. With Northern States Metals, you have a partner that will ensure your custom aluminum parts and finished aluminum extruded pieces are made to spec, meet your expectations, and arrive on time. Our extruded aluminum component service was built on repeat customer orders. We would be honored to earn your business as well.