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1) Are there critical* fit component parts utilized on the ordered extrusion part(s)?

*Note: Critical meaning tolerances needed on the ordered extrusion part(s) are less than standard per The Aluminum Association Standards and Data.
Any increased standard tolerance must be approved by NSM Engineering department prior to contract acceptance.

2) Is it imperative that your extrusion be manufactured exactly per your print?

3) Would you be interested in learning more about our design and consulting services?

4) Are CAD files available (dxf, dwg, stp, igs): (If yes, please attach to request)

5) Please state Alloy and Temper:

6) Does your product require any Fabrication?

If yes, tolerances are negotiable?

7) Does your product require deburring?

(If yes, please indicate type below)

If Other, specify

8) Does your product require secondary polish finish?

If yes, specify micro inches

9) Does your product require secondary brush finish?

If yes grit/RA (roughness average) specification

10) What is the end finish of the ordered extrusion part(s)? Specify exposed cosmetic surfaces and interior or exterior application for any finish application. Select more than one, if necessary.

11) Are lineal ends or machined areas required to be coated?

If yes, normal racking methods will show an unfinished mark up to one and one-half inch in from each end on lineal lengths. If machined areas, please specify acceptable areas of
racking. There will be slight non-coated surface areas resultant of racking method contact points.

12) What is the end use of the ordered extrusion part(s)? (NSM hereby claims this information to be proprietary and confidential.)

13) Are there any constraints on country manufactured?

14) Are there any special packaging instructions or requirements to be used or followed on the ordered extrusion part(s)?

If yes, please indicate special instruction:

15) What are your material unloading capabilities or requirements? i.e. (forklift, hand unload, pallet jack, etc.) Please indicate:

16) Do you require any samples prior to production run?

If yes, please indicate quantity and at what level of extrusion, fabrication, and/or finishing:

17) Is certification required on the alloy and temper?

If yes, Chemical, Mechanical, Both?

18) Is certification required?

If Mill Cert, please specify below

19) Are there any special quality documentation requirements?

If yes, please indicate special instruction:

*PPAP requests are subjected to be reviewed by NSM QC Management for approval.-- Fees may be applicable depending on level (1-5) PPAP request.

20) Estimated annual usages?

21) Quantities to quote?

22) What is your target date to receive quote?

23) When will you be looking to place the order?

24) Project Duration? Please indicate if this order will be a:

Additional Information: